Is Rishikesh good for Digital Nomad?

This year i got the digital nomad bug and wanted to start my digital nomad journey. Rishikesh was perfect destination for me, it’s in mountains and Ganges is most pure state there. I am trying to document my experience of Rishikesh here for digital nomading there.

How to reach ? 

  • You can take flights from New Delhi to Dehdradun Airport, then take taxi from there to Rishikesh. 
  • Come Haridwar by train, take bus or taxi from there to Rishikesh
  • Search Google.

I reached Haridwar through train, view between Delhi to Haridwar is so green, i started to feel that i am really going to mountain sides. 

I reached my Hotel in Haridwar at night. There are too many hotels in that area, so you can book early through some app or just go in and ask if there is any room. I took room in Hotel Le Roi, it costed around $25 per night. 

Next morning me and my friend tried to find any Bus from Haridwar to Rishikesh but they were after 2 hours, so we had to take taxi. Remember Taxi Stand, Railway Station and Bus stand are located within 100 metres, so it is easy(although chaotic).

After reaching Rishikesh, we didn’t had any prior bookings to any hotel or ashram. Since we were there for only some days, so booking a hotel seemed a better option. After searching and looking for some hotels, we booked a room in 60s Green Hill Hotel  and it was indeed green.

View from my room. 

I would advise you to rent a scooter/bike in Rishikesh, it starts from $5 per day, it makes roaming around Rishikesh so much easier and you can go more to mountain sides.

Must Do in Rishikesh

  • I spent lot of time near Triveni Ghat. Just seeing the river flowing while being lost in thoughts.
  • Since this city is called as “Yoga Capital of world”, you can join some ashram or can do Yoga on beach like area near Lakshman Jhula .
  • Attend Ganga Aarti : According to Hinduism, there is no form of God/Goddess, so god exists in anything and every thing. Ganga Aarti, is a worship to Goddess Ganga in form of river.
  • You can go for Rock Climbing, Trekking, Camping, River Rafting. Since i went in monsoon season, all these activities were not open. 
  • You can go for shopping in local markets, but don’t forget to bargain if you are not from india. 

There were many other activities which i didn’t looked because of shortage of time. 

Is there any co-working spaces?

No. I tried to find co-working spaces there but there are none. I heard there are some cafes but didn’t checked them out. There was a nice area to work in the hotel I stayed at and I am sure other good hotels also have such common spaces.

How is the internet?

Most hotels have their own wifi, Jio is pretty good there. You won’t face any internet issue.

How much it would cost for a month ?


  • If you stay in ashrams it would be around $5 per night with food, but if you stay in hotels, it can be $15 per night with two single beds, so if you are sharing the room with someone then it would around $7 per person.
  • You can get good food for $4 per day.
  • If would recommend to get a scooter, it would be super easy to move around. It cost around $5 per day but if you are staying for a long time then you can get one for $50 per month as well.

Is Rishikesh good for digital nomads?

Yes. I liked it very much, there are many activities to do, it is cheap, good food, good internet. I am planning to go again for 3 weeks there. It is good to stay there for a month, after that I guess someone might get bored of it.

Sri Chandramouleshwara Temple
Gurdwara Shri Hemkunt Sahib Trust, Rishikesh